When I was a kid (think preteen, early teen) I used to play truth or dare with a group of my girlfriends. Most of the time, it was pretty innocent. Like someone would pick truth and they’d get asked what color is your underwear; or someone would pick dare and they’d have to do a little dance. Other times it would be your typical teenager naughtiness, like running around the front yard naked in the middle of the night, or sneaking a shot of the liquor in the freezer. But there was one set of girls who I always hung out with and the three of us girls, were really good at taking the game too far. There were times when we were more sexual with each other playing truth or dare than I am with my husband now, twelve years later. The stuff we’d pull when my parents weren’t home could have landed our asses in a state of permanent seclusion (aka super grounded) if we were ever caught. But we never were; I don’t know if our parents were really that blind, or if they just preferred their ignorance, or if “they’re just kids, it’s just my dirty mind making it look bad” kind of mindset. The closest we ever came to being caught was once at a friend’s house and her younger brother knocked on the door and then walked right in to inform us that dinner was ready. We had the split second to hide under our covers. I think we managed, but we wondered if he suspected as we ran up the stairs with sticky skin.

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