When I was little (think seven), my father was in the Air Force and he PCS’d from a base in California to a base in Oklahoma. When we got to the new base, they put us in this temporary base housing (my father had a thing about owning whatever house he lived in, so we never lived on base for any period of time). There was this little creek that ran behind the building. By little, I mean it was about 8 inches wide and four inches deep, so it was probably just runoff from the road or something, but it was there the whole time I lived in base housing (couple of months). Well there was one day I walked outback and there were my brothers and a handful of boys from the block playing around the creek with sticks and stuff.  It was a hot sunny day and I can still remember the silly little red, white, and grey cowgirl set I was wearing and one of the boys ran up and stood with his back to me saying that he would protect me. I don’t really remember what all happened, but I remember standing near the creek and saying that the creek liked to eat little girls and the boys jumped into the creek and attacked it with their sticks and I felt as powerful and confident as a little girl can. I wish I could find that feeling in my everyday life now, as an adult.

Sorry about the horrible photo quality. I honestly took a picture of an old picture with my crappy cellphone.

<3 Wrath

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