The first time I ever skipped school was in my junior year of high school. My best friend had started skipping school all the time, while I did her homework and made excuses to the teachers. She would tend to leave around lunchtime when it was the easiest to get away. She had been skipping to hang out with her boyfriend. Normally she’d just leave, but this time she sought me out and invited me with her. I was so nervous and excited and really felt like I was being bad. We went out for lunch in town at The Diner and then went riding all over the place, speeding in her Suburban, listening to music. It was some of the most fun I’d ever had. We went to her boyfriend’s house and chilled and watched movies. When I got home, I didn’t mention a thing and nobody said anything; I felt so crazy and like such a success. I ended up skipping school a lot after that. We always seemed to get so much more done when we weren’t in school. My junior year was the first year of my life that I hadn’t gotten straight As. I got a bunch of Bs that year. My senior year, I didn’t have a single A and very few Bs.  

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    September 2013